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Nebraska Flood insurance coverage

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance
In Nebraska

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Flooding can occur in almost any region of the country. Heavy rains can cause local lakes, rivers, or creeks to rise, causing water intrusion that can deteriorate structural materials and personal items inside the house. Your homeowner's insurance policy does not cover damage from water outside the structure. Flood insurance has been designed to help defray expenses caused by flooding. Coverage can reduce the impact on your finances from flood damage. Guardian Insurance in Omaha, NE can allow you to acquire the coverage you need to prevent expensive losses from unexpected flooding.

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

If you have a mortgage on your home, your bank or financial institution may require you to have flood insurance, depending on the flood zone in which the property is located. If you have previously acquired disaster assistance funding, you will also be required to carry flood insurance on your home. Even if your home is not in a coastal area, you may be subject to flooding from inland waterways or the land's topography. With the current weather changes, it makes sense to have flood insurance coverage on your property.

Flood Insurance Covers Structure and Contents

Flood policies will cover structural elements of your home such as the furnace, electrical system, plumbing system, water heaters, and built-in appliances. It will also cover foundations, staircases, fuel tanks and detached garages. Inside the home, coverage extends to furniture, clothing, curtains, electronic equipment, window air conditioners, and attached carpeting. It will also cover expensive items such as artwork to a certain level.

Make Guardian Insurance Your Agent for Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is available at a number of coverage levels. Our agents can answer your questions and help you find the right insurance for your unique needs. Contact Guardian Insurance today for a no-obligation quote on flood insurance that can protect you from expensive losses from flooding events. We serve Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.

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