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Nebraska condo insurance coverage

Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance
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If you own a condominium, you need to speak to Guardian Insurance in Omaha, NE to discuss condo insurance options. Yes, you may be a member of the condo owner’s association (COA) policy, but this coverage isn't enough when damage and losses occur inside your condo. For this reason, you need condo insurance for all-rounded protection.

Condo insurance coverage options

Like home insurance, condo insurance covers different aspects of your life. Here are several policies you can buy for condo insurance:
  • Liability coverage: The COA policy is limited to liabilities happening in the common areas, including the swimming pool and lobby. For liability claims inside your condo, you need condo insurance. Liability coverage protects you when accused of inflicting bodily injury and property damage to other people. For instance, if you host a birthday party, and one of your guests trips on the staircase, injuring their back, you could be responsible. However, you don't have to worry much because condo insurance covers such incidences.
  • Asset coverage: Has fire damaged your electronics and furniture? Has someone stolen your laptop? Your condo insurance policy can step in when damage and loss occur to your assets. Condo insurance compensates you up to the coverage limit of your policy.
  • Loss of use: If a peril listed in your policy destroys your condo, you don't have to look for a temporary shelter from your relatives and friends. Condo insurance can pay for additional living expenses in a hotel until your condo becomes livable.
  • Interior protection: Depending on how your COA is structured, condo insurance can protect against damage to the interior of your condo. This means you don't have to dip into your pockets when fire damages your interior wall's paint and fixed appliances.

Don't look beyond Guardian Insurance if you want personalized condo insurance. We serve many locations, including Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Colorado, and Missouri. Visit or call us today to start a lifelong partnership.

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