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What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

When you get into an accident, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and not know the next steps to take. Guardian Insurance in Omaha, NE serves Midwest residents with auto insurance and other coverages, and we have often dealt with our clients who call us after they get into a wreck. Based on our experience, we provide the following guidelines.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident? 

Your very first priority after a wreck has to be your own safety. Though it may be upsetting and you might be tempted to worry about financial concerns, the time of an accident is when you need to contact emergency personnel and inform them of any and all possible injuries. It may not be safe to move, and they can dispatch fire, police, and EMTs to see to the safety of all incoming vehicles and all injured parties. 

When possible, it’s necessary to collect information from the other driver or drivers, and this includes the names of insurance carriers, license plate numbers, vehicle identification numbers, and contact details, such as name, phone number, and address. You will need to provide these items to the other person or people as well. 

It’s also vital to speak to any witnesses and take down their information. If possible, take as many photos of the collision as you can. You may need to leave a note on the other car for the driver if it is not owner-occupied. Afterward, once everyone is safe, contact your Guardian Insurance agent to report the wreck. 

Make Sure to Have Your Vehicle Insured

All drivers are required by law to carry mandatory liability auto insurance in Omaha, NE, though many opt to carry additional coverages. The minimum basic policy can protect a Midwest driver from incurring costs related to damages suffered by other parties involved in an accident, such as medical bills and property damage, but will not extend to your vehicle and personal injuries. 

Omaha, NE requires you to obtain at least $25,000 in indemnification for an injured person in the event an accident is deemed to be your fault. Penalties will be incurred by Midwest motorists without insurance even if the collision is not caused by you.

Give Us A Call

Guardian Insurance provides a variety of coverage options, and we invite you to reach out today. We look forward to working with you. 

What Happens When My Employee Damages Customer Property?

At Guardian Insurance in Omaha, NE, we help businesses protect themselves from liability by providing expertly chosen insurance solutions to our clients in Nebraska and the Midwest. Read on to learn more about what can happen when an employee causes harm to your business and how we can help.

What Happens When My Employee Damages Customer Property?

As a company owner, it is often necessary to find employees to help run the business. Sometimes, those employees will act in ways that cause harm to the company and its customers.

When this happens, letting the incident slide can be tempting, hoping the damage is minimalized. However, doing so may result in greater liability for the company than if it had acted to prevent or remedy the situation.

Legal Ramifications When Employees Damage Customer Property

The first thing to realize is that every employee is an extension of your business. When an employee causes damage to a customer’s property, it is essentially the same as if your business caused the injury.

This means that the customer has a right to bring legal action against the company in question to recover the damages caused. This is true regardless of whether the employee was acting within the scope of their employment or not.

The cost of litigation is often prohibitive for a small business. A study released by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform found that commercial lawsuits cost over $343 billion in 2018 alone. Small businesses accounted for 53% of all commercial cases filed that year. Many companies are one suit away from bankruptcy.

Protecting Your Business

Commercial insurance protects businesses from lawsuits by providing a financial response to a covered loss, such as the damage caused by an employee acting outside the scope of their employment. This type of coverage is essential for businesses that can’t usually handle the financial effects of a lawsuit and shutting down.

If you own a business in Nebraska or the Midwest, reach out to GGuardian Insurance in Omaha, NE today to learn more about commercial insurance.

The Eight Types of Home Insurance

When you visit Guardian Insurance for home insurance, you might experience a bit of surprise. You have eight types of home insurance from which to choose, although your type of home will reduce the choices.

In the Midwest, you won’t find much use for condo insurance (HO-6). Still, Nebraska does offer many single-family homes, and those require either dwelling insurance (HO-1), broad coverage homeowners policy (HO-2), a typical homeowners policy (HO-3), or an all-perils home policy (HO-5). Your home might also qualify for a historical home policy (HO-8).

Home insurance also covers other types of domiciles. For example, some insurance underwriters categorize recreational vehicle (RV) insurance, also referred to as motorhome insurance, among the eight types of home insurance. Others only consider mobile homes qualifying for a home policy (HO-7).

One type of home insurance, renter’s insurance (HO-4), provides coverage for those who rent their domicile instead of owning it. This coverage insures their belongings but not the physical structure, something covered under the landlord’s policy.

Choosing Home Insurance Coverage

If you own a single-family home, you must choose between HO-1, -2, -3, -5, or -8. Only a historic home or one of unique architectural value qualifies for a homeowners eight policy, though. With the first three choices, you need to understand named perils. That term refers to natural and man-made hazards that cause damage to a home, such as fire or tornado.

The three types of homeowners insurance, HO-1, -2, and -3, offer varying levels of coverage for perils, while HO-5 offers comprehensive coverage for risks. It covers any type.

Contact Us for More Information

Contact Guardian Insurance, serving Nebraska and the greater Midwest, for more information on home insurance and consultation on which home policy would work best for your situation.

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