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Benefits of Purchasing Renter’s Insurance

Renters, like homeowners, can benefit from insurance protection for their personal property. This coverage comes through renter’s insurance. A renter’s insurance policy from Guardian Insurance in Midwest Omaha, NE not only protects your possessions but also offers liability and loss of use coverage, too.

Here are some of the many benefits you stand to gain by purchasing renter’s coverage:

Financial Support to Replace Personal Goods

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably collected quite a few possessions over the years. The sudden loss of these goods in an unforeseen disaster could put you in a financial bind. That’s where the renter’s property coverage comes into play. Renter’s property insurance protects your goods from unforeseen events like fire, theft, vandalism, water damage from a broken pipe, and other disasters. It provides financial support to help replace furniture, clothes, electronics, appliances, sports gear, or other costly belongings if they’re stolen, damaged, or lost in an unexpected disaster.

Protection against Accidents

Liability coverage protects you against accidents that may cause injuries to guests on your rental property. This includes slips and falls, kitchen mishaps, dog bites, or injuries sustained playing “touch” football in the yard. If a visitor needs medical treatment for his injury, liability insurance helps cover this cost. If an accident leads to a lawsuit, liability coverage helps pay for your legal costs.

Help with Living Expenses if You Have to Move Out

If your rental home in Omaha becomes uninhabitable due to damage from a disaster, loss-of-use coverage will help cover the cost of living somewhere else until it’s repaired. You don’t have to bear the brunt of being "misplaced" on your own.

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Renter’s insurance is so affordable there’s no reason not to protect yourself with this coverage. To purchase a renter’s policy, contact your Guardian Insurance agent in Midwest Omaha, NE.

I rent a Room at a Friend’s House—Do I Need Renters Insurance?

Do you rent a room in a friend’s house? If so, have you considered if renters insurance is required? Renters insurance protects you financially if something happens to the belongings in your rented space. Let us explain why any renter, even if renting from a friend or family member, should consider renters insurance. 

What Is Covered by Renters Insurance? 

Renters insurance covers the expense of lost, stolen, or damaged items on the grounds of your rental agreement. This coverage can extend to furniture, electronics, apparel, and other items. Most plans also cover liability lawsuits brought against you. For example, if someone was harmed on your rental agreement’s grounds and wanted to sue you for damages, renters insurance would help cover those costs.

Furthermore, many policies provide supplementary living expenses coverage, which helps cover the costs of a temporary relocation if an accident renders your residence uninhabitable. Guardian Insurance can assist you in locating the best insurance for your needs.

Is Renters Insurance Still Required If I Rent From a Friend? 

Yes! Even if you are renting from a friend or family member in Omaha, NE or anywhere in the Midwest, obtaining renters’ insurance will protect you financially if something happens to your things. Although your landlord may have their own homeowner’s insurance policy, it is unlikely to cover any of your belongings – this is where renters’ insurance comes in!

Renting a room from a friend is a great option to save money while still having home comforts. To be financially covered in the event of a calamity, every tenant should consider purchasing their own individual renters’ coverage.

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